Select Publications and their Impact

Determining scholarly impact is challenging. In the past this was based simply on citation counts in peer reviewed journals and books. Today, as scholarship becomes available in a variety of formats, and as commons repositories, news media, social media, and search engines becomes avenues for scholarship dissemination and publishing, counting references in books and journals is no longer sufficient. Moreover, what counts as being published is shifting too. Sites such as and can expose scholarship to many even when the scholarship was never officially published. For instance, one of my presentations made at a conference in 2012 and posted to has had over 1100 views and over 60 bookmarks, yet has not appeared in print anywhere. To adapt to these changes, new metric systems, such as Altmetric, Mendeley, and Google Scholar, attempt to count references in a variety of media. However, each has significant limitations. Beyond technical impediments, many of metric systems favor English scholarship from North America and Europe, leaving large gaps for non-English scholarship worldwide.

Below is a conservative list of all the publications and websites my peer reviewed scholarship has been referenced. This list does not include counts such as bookmarks on Mendeley, views or bookmarks on, or references on social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. It only lists publications and websites that specifically reference my publications in the context of a larger scholarly discourse. As such, this conservative list demonstrates that even as a junior scholar, the research I have published is making an impact. To see a broader list of publications and their download and bookmark counts, please visit my page.

Taming the Astral Body: The Theosophical Society’s Ongoing Problem of Emotion and Control

Journal of the American Academy of Religion 80.3 (September 1, 2012): 691–717. doi:10.1093/jaarel/lfs042.

Accessing the Astral with a Monitor and Mouse: Esoteric Religion and the Astral located in Three Dimensional Virtual Realms

In Contemporary Esotericism, edited by Egil Asprem and Kenneth Granholm. Gnostica: Texts and Interpretations. London: Equinox Publishing, 2013.

The White Knight in the Yellow Robe: Allan Bennett's Search for Truth

Master's Thesis, University of Amsterdam, 2009.

Miracle or Magic? The Problematic Status of Christian Amulets

In Van Discussie tot Beleving: Religiestudies aan de UvA (2009).

Venerable Ananda Metteyya’s Buddhist Mission to the UK

In Dharma to the UK: A Centennial Celebration of Buddhist Legacy. London: World Buddhist Foundation, 2008, 14-36.