I hold a Ph.D. in American religious history from Florida State University, where I am an instructional design faculty member assisting other faculty in course design and use of education technology. I also teach online religious studies courses at Utah State University. My dissertation examined the teachings and leadership of the Theosophical Society. My M.A. in religious studies is from the University of Amsterdam where I studied Western Esotericism and wrote about Buddhism’s adoption in the West.

My research examines the intersectionality and negotiation of a number of religious traditions found within America and other western nations, Eastern religious traditions, particularly Buddhism and Hinduism, esoteric traditions, and science, all explored through embodiment in time and space using a variety of methodologies including computational and spatial. I have published on emotions and the body within Theosophy, religion and geography, New Religious Movements, Eastern religions in the West, technology used to augment the self, and the ways bodies are constructed and cared for within religious traditions. More about this activity can be found throughout this website. I welcome you to take a look.