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8/3/2015 America’s First Muslim Convert: Alexander Russell Webb
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1/15/2015 The Bodily Torment of Hell
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10/30/2014 The Century Old Rhetoric of Bill Maher, Reza Aslan, and Cornel West
9/30/2014 Is America Losing its Religious Vitality?
9/25/2014 Satanism and Scholars of Religion Revisited
9/23/2014 Reflections on the 2014 International Theosophical History Conference
9/12/2014 Ted Cruz and the Last Acceptable Prejudice
9/11/2014 Theosophical Ecumenism & the Naarden Declaration
8/25/2014 Satanism and Scholars of American Religion
6/30/2014 Tracing the Roots and Common Beliefs of the Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR)
4/30/2014 Freemasonry in American Religious History
3/27/2014 Invented Religions
2/20/2014 Is the Devil in the Details?
1/21/2014 Praise Yeezus?
12/31/2013 Looking at the Category of New Religious Movements
11/30/2013 Constructing the Buddha
9/14/2013 Open Reply to FSU Digital Scholars Post
9/8/2013 Putting Satan on Notice: Bob Larson and his Teenage Exorcists take Satan to School
7/30/2013 Theosophy and the Liberal Catholic Church
6/30/2013 The Evolution Inquisition: An Occultist’s Response to the Scopes Trial
5/30/2013 The Esoteric Harmony between Religion and Science
4/30/2013 Studying “the Occult” in Colonial America
2/21/2013 Resources for those Researching Spiritualism and Occultism in American History
2/18/2013 Revisiting the Secret, Power, Magic, and, of course, History of New Thought
1/30/2013 The Strange Theosophical Connection to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement
11/11/2012 Musings on Bulwer-Lytton, Zanoni, and Fiction as a Source of Theosophical Beliefs
8/11/2011 Attempting to Unify the Musician and Her Instrument
7/28/2011 Mormons, Pagans and ‘Post-Modern Polygamy’
3/18/2011 Is it Religious Belief or Charlatanism?
3/16/2011 Adapting to the Changing Landscapes of American Metaphysical Religion
12/29/2009 Avatar: James Cameron’s Retelling of the Fall and Restoration of the Garden of Eden